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My name is Annie. Legally it’s Anne, but personality-wise, I’m definitely an “Annie.”

ANNIEMADE About Annie - Photo by Brett and Jessica - BrettJessica.com

Photo courtesy Brett & Jessica Photography

While growing up in North Carolina, I realized early on that I was always the creative one. And I’m grateful, considering that I definitely wasn’t going to make it as the math & science kid or the sports kid, not unless getting hit with the ball is a new athletic skill. As a kid, I seemed to always find a way to put a spin on something to make it more thoughtful, more personal, or more unique. My crack was art class, putting on shows, door decorating contests, and writing screenplays. And for the most part, I’ve been lucky in that my friends and family have enjoyed all these crazy, creative things I’ve made.

Over the course of my short 27 years, I’ve come to realize that my greatest passion in life thus far has been the art of storytelling. Being an avid fan of films and television, a Literature major at Duke, and a pop culture enthusiast have all influenced who I am and what I’m doing with my life now. But more than any of those things, I came to this realization in the process of getting married recently. Through all the projects and thoughtfulness and late nights, it became clear that the kind of storytelling I am most passionate about is the story of my life and the story of those I care about. As I’ll share on ANNIEMADE, I am learning the importance of sharing our stories and our lives and the value of finding ways and special moments to celebrate them using creativity.

ANNIEMADE is a place for making and sharing my own brand of creativity through writing and projects that tell a story and bring us closer to each other. The story might sometimes be funny, sentimental, sad, or happy. It might be the start of a new chapter. As I turn the page myself, I hope you find ANNIEMADE inspiring, thought-provoking, delicious, and moving. At the very least, I hope you find it entertaining.

I’m also the Creative Director of Greatest Story – a creative agency that provides Wedding Design, Event Design, and Business Branding that celebrates your unique story. Check out Greatest Story here.